definition of Framework agreements

"A framework agreement is an 'umbrella agreement' that sets out the terms (particularly relating to price, quality and quantity) under which individual contracts (call-offs) can be made throughout the period of the agreement (normally a maximum of 4 years)"

Appointing us...

We can be appointed directly (via Capita's standard T&Cs or a client organisation's T&Cs) or alternatively we have succesfully been selected as providers on over 40 national and local framework agreements for a variety of services.

For information on provision of a specific service (or service type) please consult our downloadable Frameworks PDF or services/framework matrix.  

To see a breakdown of the Frameworks which apply to each Health Partners business, please click the boxes below:

ADV Frameworks  Jenny Robertson - 07710 378 251

INF frameworks  Zara Moman - 07912 975 838

INS frameworks Peter Saunders - 07967 914925   


Alternatively the list below details the appointment frameworks we are currently on (select each for more details) - those marked * are for the use of individual or specific organisations and cannot be used by others to procure services: