Capita and the Lead Provider Framework

Capita has been selected by NHS England to join the Lead Provider Framework (LPF). The LPF provides commissioners with a simpler and less costly process for choosing the support they need.

Our track-record

Capita understands the culture and challenges that commissioners face. We have a 30 year track-record of supporting public sector organisations, including commissioning organisations and NHS providers. Our experience includes:

  • delivering commissioning support and information services to more than 300 NHS commissioners and providers
  • being the largest provider of benchmarking services to the NHS
  • providing back office support to organisations across the NHS.

Our team of 120 transition specialists has 30 years' experience of seamlessly delivering complex transition programmes, including first generation transitions from in-house providers and second generation transitions from incumbent suppliers.

Our transactional services

As one of the UK's leading providers of professional business services, Capita is uniquely placed to help commissioners with their transactional business support services

We bring economies of scale, insight from multiple sectors, and capacity to maintain national specialist expertise supported by responsive local teams working from over 300 offices throughout the UK. 

Our transformational capabilities

Capita is able to provide proven, in-depth solutions to meet the transformational changes that face commissioners.  Our supply chain partners have been carefully selected and include some of the most expert and innovative healthcare organisations nationally and internationally. Capita has also been a trusted local government partner since the 1980s, working with 98% of local authorities, making us uniquely placed to facilitate greater collaboration between health and social care.

Our engagement in health

Capita is committed to the long-term future of healthcare and we are an active contributor in the healthcare community. 

We work closely with the NHS Alliance and NHS Partners Network to research healthcare challenges and develop practical solutions.

Our partnering approach

Key to a successful commissioning support relationship is a partnering approach, recognising the need to work together effectively at all levels to deliver the best end-to-end services. 

Capita is flexible and open to payment on a risk and reward basis, demonstrating our commitment to working in partnership with commissioners to achieve their goals.