Digital solutions and consultancy (Orange Bus)

Orange Bus specialise in the design and build of user-centric digital services built on skilfully engineered technology platforms.

Having delivered our services to a range of clients in the public and private sectors, we've always had a strong affinity with healthcare. Our professional capabilities in research, development and design, can align the complex needs of users, stakeholder groups and service infrastructures with effective technological application.

Why choose us?

A large proportion of our work stems from healthcare, social care and related services.  Our experience of designing these services from a grassroots level all the way into production, has meant regular exposure to a range of health professionals and user groups.

Our focus on the user and our expertise in agile delivery ensures that the value of your investment remains on track, your investment is fully transparent, and the project is de-risked; values which have been reflected in the Government Digital Service Standards which we've supported, practiced and even influenced at HMRC and the DWP.

As part of the Capita group we offer the agility of a digital agency, as well as the operational capability and the access to wider resources of a FTSE100 company.