Devolved government

We provide a range of advisory services to health and social care organisations across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  

Our advisory services are specifically tailored to reflect local circumstances and organisational structures, as well as the challenges of delivering health and social care in economies with a distinct mix of urban, remote and rural settings.  We understand the pressures that all of these health systems face in sustaining clinically effective and person centred services in economically challenging times.

We can support you in a number of areas to:

  • Ensure the highest quality service is delivered to patients and users by securing performance improvements and developing sustainable models of service delivery
  • Develop service strategies that take into account local needs, without losing sight of established best practice within top performing organisations
  • Manage and support organisations through major clinical and business change programmes
  • Achieve effective engagement with both internal and external stakeholders - whose support in managing service change and transformation is critical.