The provider market is changing quickly.  For providers, success in achieving operational targets is necessary but not sufficient.  Providers must be thinking ahead, building their brand, their market and their internal agility.  They must be leading organisational and system wide change.  Right at the heart of the ability to do this is trust.

Externally provider organisations must be trusted by patients, commissioners, partners and regulators.  Internally there must be trust both ways between the Board, the Executive and the body of the organisation.  Right through the organisation authentic leaders with the right intent must be given the right capabilities and coached to gain confidence in achieving results. 

Through trust organisations and individuals can have honest conversations about where issues exist and together with partners explore innovative ways to make better.  

Capita Health Advisory has an award winning Leadership and Change capability allowing us to help you to harness your teams full potential bringing energy, capability, focus and acceleration to your transformation.

We have a world class analytics capability which brings together our own Demand and Capacity modelling capability with CHKS business intelligence.

Our operational improvement and estates capabilities enable us to manage complex programmes, redesign patient flows and optimise estate configuration.

All this sits alongside Capita Health Partner's ability to form strategic partnerships with clients who are truly looking to transform.  This is where we can really make a difference.  Working together and linking our capabilities with that of our clients we can make really make every penny work for the benefit of patients.


Fast facts and stats

  • Delivered transformation plans that have returned Trusts to financial balance and met the assurance requirements of Monitor

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