Clinical coding, data quality and financial assurance

We are the largest private provider of healthcare clinical coding and data quality services in the UK

Through integrated programmes of analysis, audit and advisory services we help healthcare providers and commissioners ensure that data and payments reflect the patient care delivered. We have unrivalled experience of working with national bodies, local healthcare providers and commissioners to improve the quality of healthcare information for its many uses including payment, RTT monitoring, and mortality indicators.

Through our work managing the PbR assurance framework on behalf of the Audit Commission, Department of Health and Monitor, we delivered over 1,500 audits, assessing over 200,000 patient records amounting to £350m of payments. 

We also provide clinical coding services and support to help providers get their data right first time. Our clients come from all sectors of the health services in all four UK NHS health economies. We work with commissioners, acute trusts, mental health and community providers, as well with all aspects of the independent and private sector, covering both NHS and private healthcare.

We provide scalable services to suit an organisation's budget and business need, from one off projects through to integrated data quality improvement services incorporating analysis, audit and advisory services.

Our services cover:

  • Analysis of cost and payment data - focusing on data quality, payment accuracy, and the impact of service delivery on costs and income
  • Audit and assurance of payment data - clinical coding, outpatient data items and procedures, A&E, critical care, maternity and other data sets.
  • Improvement of cost information - using learning from across the NHS to help trusts increase the accuracy of their cost information
  • Clinical coding - coding services and support to enable providers, reviews and training to improve the accuracy of coded information and the source documentation it is based on.
  • Advisory and consultancy services - reviewing processes, working with clinicians and supporting managers implement real and sustainable change.
  • All our services are supported ISO 27001, IGT level 3, NHS.NET and N3 connectivity to ensure all patient level information is treated securely and appropriately.

We work with  commissionersacute trustsmental health and community providers, as well with all aspects of the  independent and private sector, covering both NHS and private healthcare.

"Working with Capita has improved our coding which in turn means our data quality is much higher. Our coding error rate is less than 4 per cent, which compares favourably with the NHS average of between 7 and 9 per cent."

Martin Rennison, Director of NHS Business, Spire Healthcare