Commissioning intelligence

Our commissioning solutions enable CCGs and/or their affiliated CSUs to make sense of the vast array of disparate data sources available.  

iCompare for Commissioners

This tool allows CCGs to understand the amount of activity commissioned for their local populations compared to what we would expect to see. This can show whether CCG funding is appropriate and being spent in the right places. This 'expected versus actual' analysis along with benchmarking capability enables CCGs to start having crucial conversations with their GPs. Analysis can be done by condition, CCG and GP to identify where improvements could be made in a range of areas such as readmissions, excess bed days and cost. Please  click here to find out more.

Analysing and auditing payment data

CHKS has a proven track record of analysing and auditing payment data. We work with Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units to make sure the payments made to providers accurately reflects patient care and that clinical information is recorded in the most appropriate way. Find out more.

Specialised services monitoring

Specialised Services Monitor is a monthly analytics and reporting service from CHKS. This provides CCGs with a profile of the flow of their patients into NHSE commissioned specialised services during the financial year.

Why is this useful?

  • Enables commissioners to track the activity commissioned on their behalf by the NHSE during the financial year in order to assess if this is in line with their top sliced apportionment.
  • The patient tracking helps CCGs to ensure activity is billed correctly by their acute providers to avoid double payment. Noncompliant pathway referral patterns can also be highlighted so they can address these with their GP practices in order to improve patient care.
  • The ongoing reporting also provides CCGs with evidence to support negotiations with the NHSE over future annual spending allocations.