Engagement and retention

Recruiting members can be easy. Engaging and retaining them can be more of a challenge. We know how diverse your membership is, so we have developed a range of communication solutions to help you engage your differing membership groups.


Choosing the right media is key to engagement. Additionally, a range of communication channels is required to engage a diverse membership base with varying needs and communication preferences. Working closely with our social marketing experts we can help you create the most appropriate message and choose the right communication tools to develop a more engaged membership:

  • e-broadcasts- a quicker and much greener message than postal communications
  • SMS- in and outbound SMS can be used as welcome messages and for snap polls, reminders or even mini-surveys
  • postal communication- a reliable and useful way to keep members up to date
  • face-to-face- a valuable way of engaging, recruiting and surveying members in the community through perception surveys
  • telephone contact- a convenient and efficient way of engaging, recruiting and surveying members

Find out how we used SMS to help Barts and The London NHS Trust improve member event attendance by over 80%.


Recruiting new members can be time-consuming and costly - even more so when you lose touch with existing members as a result of cleansing your register. Even though you communicate regularly with your members, they sometimes forget to tell you when they have moved house, which can result in your 'Gone Away' numbers being higher than they need to be.

We identified a need in the membership community and developed 'Re-Member', a member reunification programme that locates members who have been reported as 'Gone Away' and reunites them with the membership.

Find out how we helped Sherwood Forest Hospitals achieve a 99.6% success rate when they used 'Re-Member.'

"Thanks for yesterday it was good to meet you, to get out of the office and to concentrate on membership. Lots of ideas at just the right time as I'm currently refreshing our membership strategy.

Membership forum - Improving engagement using digital tools
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust"