WiFi access has become synonymous with simple internet and LAN access. In fact, the right deployment can offer a huge array of benefits.

Track your assets

WiFi can be combined with RFID tagging to allow tracking of key assets such as beds, wheelchairs, medical equipment, even patients and staff, to improve workflow through the hospital and improve overall security. This is particularly important during night shift where there are fewer porters available

RFID tags can also be used to monitor the environment - ensuring wards, operating theatres, even server rooms are all kept at the optimum temperature.

Gain intelligence

WiFi analytics can track patients' movements, offering insight into issues such as queuing and waiting times.

The WiFi could be used to push out patient and visitor feedback surveys, such as the NHS Friends and Family Test - which could be sent via SMS or email, the 15 Steps Challenge or the One Small Thing initiative.

Wifi as a revenue stream

Although legislatively Guest WiFi Access must be free, there are several other opportunities for generating revenue

Local businesses or other 3rd parties - such as coffee shops or newsagents - may pay for the opportunity to advertise/push promotions during the Guest WiFi login process to gain benefit from visitor footfall. Local businesses may also pay for the demographic data collected via WiFi so that they can advertise more effectively.