Process Analytics Dashboard (PAD)

Do you have the insight to ensure operational performance is not having a detrimental impact on patient care and finances?

Not having a clear picture of operational process performance is a challenge that faces every NHS organisation. This means it is impossible to know which challenges are 'data quality' issues and which are 'process integrity' issues?

Very few trusts have a single-point, near-real time view of their performance and are able to identify which processes are being performed inconsistently and which individuals within the organisation are responsible. This inevitably has an impact on patient care and finances but without a clear picture of where these inconsistencies are, the impact cannot be assessed.

We can help you to identify where inconsistencies in operational processes are occurring. We can shine a light on any process in the patient pathway and create single or multiple indicators to describe how efficiently it is being carried out.

Our Process Analytics Dashboard (PAD) monitors a set of key performance indicators at multiple points throughout the patient pathway to highlight under-performance, operational inefficiency, data quality issues and bottlenecks in operational process.

This can help you to: 

  • Monitor how many operational processes are being carried out compared with a pre-defined benchmark at all points along the patient pathway
  • Monitor operational data quality to highlight areas where operational processes are leading to data quality issues
  • Identify areas where data is missing at any given point along the patient pathway and find inconsistencies between reference and transactional data that is affecting data quality.

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