Referral to Treatment (RTT) Programme

The NHS RTT target is in the spotlight. So how confident are you that your performance is being accurately represented?

A combination of inconsistent and inaccurate operational processes, complex systems and misinterpretation can lead to an unclear view of RTT performance. The outcome is inaccurate reporting, inadequate management information and unnecessary cost. This inevitably has significant clinical and financial implications.

Are you interested in a new approach that will give you greater confidence? Our unique RTT programme takes the very best of Cymbio expertise and technology to create an accurate and up-to-date view of RTT performance. Improving the way your organisation measures performance is just one element of our proven process. Once we have identified errors and data quality issues, our NHS-experienced consultants will work with you to develop new data processes and implement sustainable improvements to ensure you always make the right decisions based on evidence. 

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