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Safe, trusted clinical content.

We ensure our clinical content supports clinicians with the most up to date information available.

Capita Healthcare Decisions are the original creator of the NHS Direct software which has benefited over 50 million people in the England and Wales and was the largest telephone triage system in the world. Our range of products are currently in use by public and private healthcare providers across UK, Europe, Brazil, New Zealand the United States and Australia and is also sought in other parts of the world.

The solutions are being employed by healthcare providers across the world who wish to utilise electronic patient records and clinical decision support as an integral part of their primary care health delivery process in order to improve quality and safety and to ensure that optimum outcomes are achieved, as well as operational efficiency.

Capita Healthcare Decisions aspires to be the best and to set new standards in the provision of electronic healthcare solutions. Our approach is to deliver high quality clinical solutions to our customers and to consistently improve the products and services we offer to healthcare providers.

Our rigorous editorial and review process for our decision support content ensures that we deliver high quality and safe content to our customers.  Our TeleGuide algorithms were originally authored by a team of physicians and nurses out of Stanford University in California USA and have further undergone numerous aggressive review processes by physicians, nurses, and other allied health care providers internationally. Our content is referenced by evidence based literature and credible medical research sources.  All new development, reviews, and revisions are prompted by new clinical guidelines and studies, changing market needs, planned annual reviews, change request, and or incidents.  Our Internal clinical authoring team of doctors and nurses review relevant evidence and create or revise content as required. Proposed revisions or new content drafts are then peer reviewed by a minimum of 2 qualified or allied health care providers.  The final recommendations are then submitted to the Clinical Governance Board for final approval and sign off prior to integrity test and publishing in live environments.  All content contains the date of most recent review. 

All staff and reviewers are licensed and in good standing, with licensures which are verified at a minimum yearly. 

Fast facts and stats

  • Our healthcare decision support solutions have been used to triage and manage over 80 million clinical calls
  • Our TeleGuide content underpins the delivery of clinical and non-clinical triage across England, Scotland and Wales, the National Pandemic Flu Line Service and Internationally

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