Public sector frameworks

We've been awarded a place on a number of high profile frameworks, which offer public sector organisations a fast, easy and competitive route to procure language services.

Procure your language services from any of these frameworks:

  • Crown Commercial Services (CCS)
  • NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS)
  • London Procurement Partnership (LPP)
  • Health Trust Europe (HTE)
  • Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO)
  • NHS Commercial Solutions

Why purchase from a framework?

Purchasing from a framework ensures the quality of the provider is assured and customers have access to a wide range of language services, which combine quality and cost efficiencies.

Key benefits include:

  • Key standards are in place such as ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO17100:2015 Translation Services Management
  • The terms and conditions are pre-agreed
  • Pricing has been standardised and economies of scale realised - there are no additional charges
  • Agreed key service levels and key performance indicators

Who can procure from a framework?

Public sector organisations able to procure off frameworks include:

  • National Health Service and Social Care
  • Central government departments and agencies
  • Local government organisations
  • Police and emergency services
  • Registered charities

How to purchase from a framework

There is a simple call off procedure, which means that there is no requirement to undertake a tender process, avoiding the additional costs associated with it. To find out more, please contact, and our team will be in touch.


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